10 Steps to Getting Links to Your Business Website

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10 Steps to Getting Links to Your Business Website

Getting links to your business website is an important process for Internet promotion of your business website. Here are ten steps on getting links to your business website.

1. Look around the Internet for websites that are somewhat related to your business website somehow. You want to get websites to link to your business website that would catch the interest of other people visiting the other individuals’ website. For example, another website that is about dogs then it is a good one to have linked to your business website if you sell stuff for dogs such as treats, toys, and dog food.

2. You can write informative information regarding the topic of your website on other websites in discussion forums aka message boards. Some website owners allow others to advertise a small link at the bottom of each posted message. If you provide helpful information to others that relates to your business website somehow then people will remember you when they need a certain product or service.

3. The goal with successful Internet promotion is to get your business website known to as many people as possible without spamming. You can sign a person’s guestbook on a website and you even write reviews of each product that you sell but make sure to include your business website link in it too.

4. You can offer to pay a small fee to get advertisement banners placed on a website or even a small text link to your business website. Most webmasters of websites love to make some extra money each month. You will find most webmasters will be glad to link to your business website for a small fee each month.

5. You could write articles for free regarding informative information on products or other related information regarding services or other types of products that go in line with your business website. You can even offer to write the article for free in exchange for the advertisement of your business website link. This gives people the impression that you have acquired much knowledge and quite a smart person.

6. You can have a contest each month to give away a free prize or even a free gift certificate. The contest can be to see who can get the most visitors to your business website from their own website. It will be quite a challenge for the webmasters, but at the same time, it will be fun and exciting for them to promote your business website link.

7. Always offer a reward to the first 100 visitors or even the one visitor is that the 1000th visitor each month. This will help encourage people to visit your website since they are eager to win a reward. This is another wonderful method of getting people to visit your business website.

8. Your business website can get a link to it from a few charity websites or even a few other organizations. This is a great way to get almost free advertisements when you donate a few dollars or more to get a charity or other organization.

9. You can have an agreement to trade some of your products or services for in exchange for advertisement banners or link to your business website from another website that you do business with frequently. This is a great method to get advertisement frequently without costing you much money.

10. Your business website can get links to it from having people advertise your business website at the end of their posts on message boards. The more people that you have to advertise your business website will generate more traffic and sales from message boards each month.

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