Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners may need some e-mail marketing tips to maximize the benefits of direct communication without overstepping their bounds.

Email is an important and free tool that small business owners can successfully use to grow their business. It is an effective way to draw frequent customers back in, keep customers informed, and to gain new clientele.

There are some do’s and don’ts for the small business owner when it comes to using e-mail as effective marketing tools

Email Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners: 1. Make the Subject Line Clear

Always include the subject matter in the subject field of the email. The recipient should have an idea about what the email content is before they open it. Phrases like “We’re Moving,” “30% Sale” or “Summer Specials” are acceptable.

Email Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners: 2. Keep the Emails Newsy

If you cannot come up with a subject to describe the email, re-check the email to see if it is something you should really be sending out to current customers. The email should be newsy and include some information and details about an upcoming event at your business.

The email could be about a special promotion, sale, added services, an expansion, or some other “newsworthy” event.

Email Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners: 3. Limit the Number of Emails

The number of emails you send out to customers should be limited. There is no business that can justify sending two to three emails a week every week to their customers. If there is that much going on in the business, keep the emails to one a week at the maximum.

Email Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners: 4. Stay in Contact

Depending on the nature of your business, one email a month, one every two months, or one every three months may work best.

Email Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners: 4. Promptly Remove Anyone who Requests It

If a customer has emailed you and requested you remove their address, promptly do so. Do not ask why. Do not email them to tell them you removed them. If they ask you to change their email from their home to work or vice versa, be sure to do that as well.

Email Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners: 5. Offer Email Specials

Offer email only specials to current customers. This will keep customers interested in continuing to receive the emails from your business.

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